The Lives of Richmond

Resistance capital has its foundations in the experiences of communities of color in securing equal rights and collective freedom. How are these youth engaging in social justice and working for a change in their community? What are the root causes, the unjust structures and systems, that must be addressed in order to secure equal rights and well-being in the Richmond community?

The youth in Romeo is Bleeding all wanted to play a role in the community. Being part of the play they were given the role of messenger. Through their actions and words in the play they are talking about the issues they need to resolve in Richmond. The biggest root cause is probably racial discrimination that occurred back then when people first started moving into Richmond and how the African Americans were separated from the whites. Even now, how Donte said how the mayor is ignoring the issues of the youth dying is a big reason why there is a problem.

Social capital: How do the youth in this film stay connected and utilize their social contacts to support and promote their education and interests? Why is social capital so important to confront the challenges that these youth face and what are these challenges?

Being active in the play has helped them with their social capital. They are able to get a small community that will support them . For me, I want to surround myself with people who help me improve myself. And that is like the group they joined “raw talent” where they have people to support them with their decisions. With the challenges they faced, they now have support. Donte said that he is happy that he reached 18 years old and that could be a result from all the influences he had from the group he was in.

So what?

Like I said up above, I want to surround myself with people that I can trust and that can help me improve myself. Now in my life, I know that your friends and peers are what influence you to do the things you do and having a good supporting staff in your friends will help you in the long run. That is just like how the youth had raw talent and Donte as their influences. On the other end my life is different compared to theirs. I didn’t have to face the struggles that they have to face being in the Richmond community. Being raised in Vallejo, there are places where there is gang violence there but it is not as severe as Richmond. My parents even kept me away from those areas so I don’t really have that much experience with it. Coming of that I also had a strong familial capital. A lot of who I am today is from what my family influenced me to become. Thats really different compared to what they experienced. They had to grow up basically on their own because their parents would either be working the whole time, or not there.

Being in a living democracy where everyone’s issues are address is important because they can be resolved if addresses. As of right now based off of what Donte said, there is a market driven goal in trying to improve Richmond. How the mayor is trying to gentrify the people in order to help Richmond the city. But this doesn’t help the people of Richmond because there are still people dying and struggling to live and this will also price them out of Richmond.