This is a selfie with my younger sister. In this picture, we were trying to look alike because everyone always said that we look alike but we would never agree with them. Race/ethnicity: We are both Filipino/Chinese but I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture. Gender: I’m with my sister so there is a female and male in the picture. September 12, 2015

In this selfie, I am with Felicia in San Fransisco. We went there because we wanted boba so I drove to SF just because of that. Race/ethnicity: We are both part Filipino but I am part Chinese and she is part Singaporean. Socio-economic status: Middle class because we are able to go to different places just for food whenever we want to. Gender: Both female and male in the picture. September 8, 2015
In this picture, I am in the middle of a river in Palawan, Philippines. Race/ethnicity: Being able to travel to the country where my parents are from is always a great experience. Socioeconomic status: middle class because my family is able to travel to a different country across the world for vacation. Gender: Me = male. December 14, 2015
In this picture, I am with my dad at a Warriors playoff game. Whenever we are at a warriors game, my mom would want us to take a picture of the food we get so my dad and I took a selfie with the bacon wrapped hot dog we both got. Race/ Ethnicity: We are both Filipino Chinese because I get my Chinese from him. Socio-economic status: Middle class because we are able to go to sporting events that are kind of expensive. Gender: Male. May 1, 2016

Understanding a Selfie

Aspects that are shown in my selfies are that I am close to my family and friends. Especially my family because they are the one who helped me become who I am today.

Selfies provide a new way to express idea and relationship/friendships that my parents did not have when they were younger. Social media itself allows us to be more out there compared to my parents generation.

A single story doesn’t tell you everything. Just as some stereotypes might be true, that doesn’t mean that is all to them. We can’t just use an instants like a selfie to fully tell our identity. Just like for the students, we can’t just tell how a student will be like from just one meeting. We have to interact with them so that we can fully know who they are.

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