An Illustration of The Allegory of the Cave, from Plato’s Republic

Agile can be a powerful tool, but it has grown into such a complicated industry that people often lose sight of the underlying principles that drive it. This leads businesses to fail to unlock its full potential and puts them at a disadvantage to their more agile competition.

I've been involved in software and technology development — off and on — for the better part of 25 years, as both an engineer and a product manager. Over the course of my career, I’ve experienced all manner of paradigm and process for developing products, including waterfall, agile, and all manner of…

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When we started Figaro, we set out to build technology that would power fairer financial markets, free from colocation, high frequency trading, and dark pools. We wanted to build a system where anyone could compete on a level playing field based on skill and market knowledge, rather than insurmountable technical and financial barriers designed to ensure that the same privileged few always win.

Early on we realized the key to this was building distributed exchanges, with each member node independently owned and operated, and with full data transparency and cryptographic proof of best execution order matching. …

I’ve noticed a lot of discussion lately around what exactly makes something like Coinbase a centralized exchange and what exactly the decentralized vs. centralized debate is all about. A common misconception is that it’s only about whether or not an exchange keeps custody of your crypto, but that’s a very narrow definition and there’s actually a far more disruptive and subversive movement happening around decentralized exchanges (DEX). Admittedly, it doesn’t help matters that terms in the cryptocurrency space can often be jargon-y, confusing, and sometimes mean more than one thing depending on the context. …

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A confession: I’m not a cryptocurrency trader. You’re far more likely to find me hacking on low-level blockchain protocols than staring at cryptocurrency charts trying to predict price movements.

I’m not really a trader at all — I’ve always been more of a long-term investor with an eye towards assessing whether I think an asset is under or over-valued given fundamental analysis and prospects for future growth. In between computer science technical references and cyberpunk novels, you’ll find Graham, Malkiel, and Boggle on my bookshelves. …

ReviewTrackers is a platform that helps businesses manage their customer experience, and as part of that, we track a lot of online reviews. We also spend a lot of time developing tools to help our users make intelligent use of these reviews, and the more time we can save them the better.

One way we do this is by extracting meaningful keyword phrases from reviews (future blog post). Our model for extracting keywords gives us meaningful (to humans) phrases, but doesn’t classify keywords into topics or topic probabilities.

Our keyword phrases end up looking something like:

“juicy burger”, “rude waitress”…

Kristopher Craw

Product. Software Engineering. AI. Cryptography. Finance. Law.

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