Buried Treasure Found on the Treasure Coast — Daddy Adventures

My wife Kathryn is a stay at home mom. She works her butt off every single day. I always knew she worked hard, but to be honest, I didn’t realize the amount of patience required to do what she does day in and day out. Kathryn sometimes leaves me with our daughter Penelope when she needs to run errands or go to the gym. When she does, try as I might, I cannot get a thing done on my to do list. Yesterday, an obvious thought occurred to me “If I am unable to get tasks on my list done, how on earth does Kathryn get tasks on her list done?” It turns out, she doesn’t. Kathryn has a list of personal priorities that she just doesn’t get to, ever. I work a lot, and don’t get as much time with Penelope as I would like.


Kathryn needed some time. When I came home from the gym yesterday morning Kathryn was hard at work making one of her famous nutritious lunch bowls for us to eat. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her that I talked to a “pirate” at the gym who told me where to find a secret treasure. She looked at me like a lunatic, and I told her that Penelope and I would be hunting for it all afternoon. Kathryn would get some freedom. I have never seen her so excited. She threw her arms around me and said “thank you, are you serious?” Clearly I should have done something like this much sooner.

Kathryn helped me gather some old costume jewelry she had and a watch box that would become the “treasure chest.” Kathryn also gave me a crown depicting Penelope’s favorite Disney Princess — Elsa to add to the pirate loot. After assembling the package I broke the exciting news to Penelope. She has a thing for pirates lately and thought my gym encounter was the coolest thing she had heard. She made a dead sprint to her bedroom to get her swimming

Penelope Chavez digging for buried treasure.

suit and bucket to hold the treasure.

When Penelope and I got to the beach it was deserted (it was a Monday afternoon). I buried the treasure when Penelope was away looking in a different spot. After the treasure was buried, we went to work searching for it. Penelope dug and dug in the sand until she finally found it!

Oh, the glorious spoils of her search!

Having a closer look at the treasure

Needless to say, it was an amazing day for Penelope and an equally amazing day for Kathryn. When I was putting Penelope in the car to head back home after the adventure I thought to myself that today had been one of the best days of my life. That sounds like a big statement, and it is. I have had thousands of days in my life that I would have considered were “better” than yesterday, but this was different. Our day was was so simple, and so pure, and so wonderful. Seeing the joy in my wife and daughter’s eyes gave me a feeling of peace and happiness. We have been under a lot of stress this year and I want nothing more than to recreate the positive feelings of yesterday again for my family. I have committed to creating little adventures with Penelope on a weekly basis to give Kathryn time to focus on her greater purpose, and to fully invest myself in my beautiful daughter who brings so much joy to my life.

Wearing her buried treasure.

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