Vince Carter Could Be a Good Bench Player for the Lakers

Why Old Vinsanity Could be a Good Pickup for the current 2019–2020 LAL

Kristopher Saber
Jun 24 · 2 min read

With the trade of Anthony Davis for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round picks, the Lakers are running short on guards. The Lakers were never strong with their guards (if anything), especially on the 3-point shooting front in 2019. With Anthony Davis, they definitely have a talented big man who can score in a variety of different ways. But this still doesn’t remedy their lack of 3 point shooters, which is critical to Lebron’s play-style.

Vince Carter (Source: John Bazemore)

Vince carter exclusively shoots 3 which is indicative of Lebron’s drive-and-kick play style.

Vince carter averaged 4.2 3-point shot attempts per game while making about 39% of them in his 2018–2019 season as an Atlanta Hawks. In the same season, he averaged only 1 2-point shot attempts per game. At this point in his career, he’s pretty much exclusively a 3-point shooter. These are the kind of players that Lebron James needs in order to space the floor for his typical drive-and-kick play.

Lebron thrives when he has sharp-shooters on the floor like Kyle Korver and Ray Allen. While Vince Carter isn’t close to being as productive as those two, he still is specialized enough to provide some spacing value to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers can sign Vince for the league veteran minimum

Vince Carter is now a Unsigned Free Agent (UFA) because the Atlanta Hawks only committed to a one year contract for 2018–2019. The LAL can sign him for a short term contract with little relative costs. He’d provide veteran leadership in addition to his 3-point shooting, and could be signed for the veteran league minimum, which was his contract last year.

Picking up Vince Carter would provide the LAL with value with respect to his cost. He’d give the Lakers something they desperately need right now, which is a decent 3 point shooter. He also played 76 games last year, averaging 16 minutes, showing that he’s still got some kick in him to come off the bench.

He’s old and his defense isn’t as good, but he has stepped up in clutch situations.

Vince Carter is no longer the high flying act that he once was, but he still has tremendous respect and popularity among fans. Any true NBA fan can tell you what Vinsanity was capable of on a regular basis. In 2018–2019 he had 15 dunks, and one highlight play that caught viewers attention. His defense has weakened in his old age. Despite this, however, he has stepped up in clutch defensive situations.

Vince Carter would make a nice addition to the Lakers team.

Kristopher Saber

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