Ballot measures that would unarguably save bags of cash were soundly rejected by hundred million dollar hubris peddling campaigns.

They work because the voters are low-information, uninformed and proud of it in spite of the real-world consequences. Let’s go over 3 ballot initiatives.

Measure B

Every year, the LA tax-payers pay $100,000,000 in interest to commercial banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America because the city hasn’t chartered its own bank.

It could do this, as in literally save $100,000,000 and then give out small business loans and make about $75,000,000 on top of that. This administrative slight of hand comes at Zero cost and creates $175,000,000 a year. There’s hundreds of municipally run public banks in the world. This is exactly how it works. No municipality which has a public bank has ever voted to reverse it. Some have had public banks for over 100 years. …

aka. Authorizing a charge with OCPI

OCPI is a standard for public charging stations for electric cars. The idea is that someone goes up, operates the charging device much like a gas pump, charges their vehicle, and drives away.

So how do I pay for something, at say, an API level? That’s easy!

First you get an authorization header assigned to you. Now you create a 64-byte UUID that you pass to a credentials URL. …

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After my fifth day of wandering the vast unforgiving island in search of the mythical tribe, I am about to forfeit the journey when a mysterious native suddenly emerges from the underbrush. He identifies himself as the tribe chieftain and extends his hand in friendship.

As I am escorted back to the secluded village, I’m promised to be introduced to a prized member of the community.

A crowd forms in front of me and the chieftain after we arrive at the village square. The chieftain calls out to the crowd, “Bolga, please step forth!”

A tall man of about 30 emerges from the crowd. With long flowing hair, he wears makeup, jewelry, lipstick, and a blue dress with clouds on it. As he steps forward, I can’t help but notice this man is also wearing brightly colored high heeled shoes with a floral motif. …

The next recession could be weeks away

Sure, we’re in a bubble, granted. But what’s that mean and what’s likely to happen? Here’s a few things at play:

  • The Price
  • The Trades
  • Where the money comes from

The Price

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We’re in Mania right now

Currently there’s two charts you need to understand with regard to Bitcoin. The first is the bubble graph and the second is the current price graph

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This is institutional investors pulling out

The only thing that causes a chart like that is a large holding selloff that clears the market and pushes the price down. There’s enough limit orders to rebound the market almost instantly. …

The US is unique in many respects, some of which may surprise you

Recently I’ve been fascinated by how many things the US does where it stands alone or with a few obscure countries. I searched far and wide and was unable to find a comprehensive list so here’s my attempt.

Only 4 places (New Zealand, United States, Brazil, Hong Kong) permit Direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This refers to those commercials that urge you to ask your doctor about some new pill.

The United States along with Bangladesh, the Western Sahara (a barely populated disputed region), Liberia, Angola, Cuba, Libya, most of the Middle East, and French Guiana, have failed to instrument a Value Added Tax.

There’s better ways to do this already built into HTTP.

Recently I took a trip to Europe. When I arrived in Berlin, I opened up my laptop and went to Google. Much to my surprise, despite being logged in, my results came back in German.

Other large-scale sites I went to suddenly gave me their German counterparts. I got redirected from .com to .de and had to look for a “Switch to English” link or try to run a translator on the site.

Since some of the largest Internet properties were doing this, I must have missed the memo. Every request that goes out from the browser specifies what language I’d like to have things in. …

Swiftboating is when you falsely accuse your critics of something you are guilty of and in so doing create doubt and distraction shifting focus away from your own misdeeds.

Step 1. Identify your most indefensible position

If you are say a company ruining the environment for profit, then abstract the object away.

So in this instance it’s a company doing its business objective in the name of profit.

If you were say, born in Panama and might not be legally eligible to be president, abstract that into an inherent property of someone that delegitimizes them.

Step 2. Falsely claim your detractors are guilty of it

For instance, it’s not Exxon and Chevron who have a large monetary stake in climate change opinion, no, its the “greedy scientists”, they are the multi billionaires here. …

The rich have been fighting working people for generations. Their industrial complex is almost complete.

The Dream

Imagine a worker-backed political movement seeking to

  • Defund their own retirement
  • Slash their wages and eliminate overtime pay
  • Defend the rights of corporations
  • Decrease their personal job security
  • Make their own healthcare intentionally more expensive
  • Make college unaffordable to their own children
  • Increase pollution in their community
  • Subsidize the rich
  • Decrease protection against price-gouging
  • Eliminate their rights in the workplace

It wouldn’t work. Or would it?

Sure there’s clever propaganda such as claiming after increases in workplace productivity, distributing some of the gains to the workers through higher wages instead of the owners through higher salaries would somehow be something different and increase prices. …

Taxpayers have been funding for-profit private enterprise for generations

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What little has changed in 130 years

We’ve been taught big businesses take risks through private investments and thus are entitled to private gains. The reality is quite different.

Football, Internet, Nuclear Power and Taxes; a love story.

Instead of the public owning what they pay for, America’s system gifts taxpayer money to private companies which turn around and profit off publicly funded infrastructure—making the tax payer pay a second time:

  • Over 90% of the NFL’s privately owned stadiums were built with public money.
  • ISPs were gifted hundreds of billions to build out a never delivered fiber optic system over 20 years.
  • Nuclear power since its inception has been publicly subsidized with billions in handouts and guarantees. …

They are the Wells Fargo of the internet complete with fraudulent accounts and non-existing service.

Not just lousy internet, but actual fake accounts and widespread fraudulent charges. This is real crime.

They claimed we had service that we never signed up for and tried to extort fees to change it. Upon further investigation, their claimed service didn’t even work. It was a complete lie. Since multiple representatives took the exact same fraudulent positioning one can only conclude there exists a policy to simply steal from people coming from higher up.

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After a year of business service in Santa Monica, California that never quite worked, an electrician looked over our wiring, said it was fine and the problem was Frontier’s responsibility.

Through multiple calls trying to request someone to service the line, here’s the…


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