The Morality of Surge Pricing
Russ Roberts

So no incentive to respond to a disaster exist other than greed and selfishness?

You’ve omitted charity, altruism, empathy, fraternity, compassion, saving, social contract, happiness, satisfaction…

The classical economic framework work only on a single axis of desire, an axiom of choice that operate as a reality distortion field which rob nuances and a fidelity of reality. Instead, it irresponsibly simplifies all human action as a strict adherence to a fundamentalist orthodoxy of selfishness.

This is the worldview that implies a person wouldn’t reach down to save a person from falling to their death unless there was a $100 being transferred between their grips — and would keep on walking if it was merely a $50.

What a fundamentally incorrectly, deeply flawed, profoundly implausible, and immediately discreditable model of human sentiment. Insatiable endless greed is not the final reductive form of all desire.

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