HORRIBLE advice.

People aren’t waiting to be swayed… People already have their personal opinion and are looking for anything to support it. True or otherwise. You can’t argue facts with people who will willfully accept blatant lies to support their worldview.

Sure that now represents 80 per cent of the population but luckily with such a polarised society, unless you’re totally unbiased, one side will think you’re great and the other will hate you.

The most common form of online activity now is trolling. It’s endless arguments/attacks caused by people who’s only interest is in spending their time tearing down anything they don’t agree with. It’s a mark of how empty their lives are that they can’t find anything constructive to do with their time and their perspective, that they would rather tear someone else apart. These are the same people who stalk people, follow them everywhere (online or otherwise) and organise groups of similarly minded people to defame them and harass them for daring to have a different perspective.

What do you gain by interacting or engaging with them? Nothing. It’s just unfortunate they can do so much damage, because normal people are so incapable of sifting through lies to find truth. There are times to address lies, but often you’re just feeding the trolls giving them any attention.

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