#CNNBlackmail: CNN Commits Felonies, Challenges 4Chan To A Meme War
Caitlin Johnstone

What I find particularly strange is that despite the poster’s background (which is largely irrelevant, if distasteful, except when it comes to the blackmail aspect), it’s just a meme and one that by all accounts was made in various versions by many individuals. They didn’t have the courage to go after Trump for sharing it, which is the ‘publication’ which would have seen it sent to a massive audience. And yet there are people trying to say tracking down an anonymous troll is ‘real journalism’ because he was ‘inciting violence’ against journalists…

And it’s also not like they couldn’t have actually created some real journalistic content out of this. A feature on meme creation, tracking down a creator (who could remain anonymous) and finding out their thoughts and justifications could have been quite interesting, with the backdrop of a world leader sharing the meme. It would have been a good lesson to many in ‘anonymity online’ and actually added something to the public sphere…

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