An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

I created a Medium account just so I could respond to this. This is an excellent article, Yang. There were so many things I had not realized, such as the ratings of Pokemon Go in the App Store.

I can’t agree more with how Pokemon Go has changed the lives of so many in a positive way. Do you know how many events we have here through radio stations and communities? It’s amazing!!!

However, once we discovered Pokevision, this gave us hope. I live in Hawaii, where we are limited to an island. We don’t have the luxury of driving thousands of miles “out of state” to discover new places. With that said, a good portion of our island is very mountainous, which means there isn’t a lot of “travel area”.

Pokevision allow us not to “cheat” but at least to give us an idea of where we should be looking. In the area I live, there was nothing to be found.

I’d like to also explain what I loved Pokevision for. I used to love exploring the map around the world to see what different nests existed. In places we would never be able to travel, but at least we could talk about. “Hey, look! London has a ton of Drowzees!”. It was something fun to do in the little downtime I had. To to find where a Snorlax was in the world at any given time. Any one else did this? Hope it wasn’t just me =)

Not all people used Pokevision to “cheat”. It gave us hope. Thank you Pokevision

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