Enter, patchwork and junkyards.

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I hate how sustainability looks nowadays. It’s always pretty. Shiny. And new. It’s wrapped up in these packages, with marketing and perfect pictures. It all just feels so… unsustainable.

Hear me out, have you ever tried to buy some of these sustainable products? For instance, in the picture above — I’m going to bet that the total price tag on these products is well over $100. Sure, they may last a long time. And, of course, they are made with 100% organic cotton/bamboo/recycled something or other.

But is it sustainable for most people to spend $100 and not even get…

Does money matter the most in life?

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365 days ago, I embarked on my writing journey here on Medium.

It’s been a rocky road — with a lot of ups and downs. Allow me to share my stats and lessons with you now.

A Medium Writer’s Year in Numbers

First, the stats — since people here seem driven by tangible offerings.


11,606 reads

125 articles

69 curations


$733.07 total for 11 months participating in Medium Partnership Program

Obviously, I need to change something to make a living on Medium. I was barely able to pay my internet bill with my MPP earnings.

Now that you know all my numbers…

Ditch Medium’s homepage and choose your own path.

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What do remote work, space, gadgets, true crime, psychedelics, and self-driving cars have in common?

They are all specific topics people write about on Medium!

Did you know that? Or are you stuck in the same old boring homepage reading rut?

I recently climbed out of my rut when I finished my . The challenge was simple: find a new-to-me writer here on Medium for 21 days and fully read three of their articles.

It unearthed the magical world of what I call a creative reading adventure.

This is a fancy way to describe the process of…


Predicted by richest man’s ancestor

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Breaking News: Several surfers have confirmed their discovery of a mysterious message from the ancient lost city of Atlantis. They stumbled upon it inside a rock after a gnarly surf sesh this afternoon.

One surfer stubbed her foot as she exited the water. The rock apparently came to life and screamed “Bitchin’!” as her foot made contact. She considered it an omen from the sea and brought the rock back to shore.

While waiting for medical assistance for her broken toe, the girl decoded the inscribed clue written in surfer-speak. It said, “Ding me good to get stoked on why…

Introducing — resonance breathing

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Does your heart ever race like you’re running a mile, even though you’re sitting quietly in your chair at work? Or do you ever get that queasy, butterfly feeling in your stomach before social interactions? You know, the one where you feel like you’re either going to vomit or… have it come out the other end?

If you said yes, please know you are not alone! You are likely experiencing symptoms of anxiety. are the most commonly diagnosed conditions in the mental health field. The U.S. alone has about 18% of the total population affected.

I, too, have…

Moving from a tech economy to creative culture.

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Several weeks ago, I made what I thought was a bold statement: the U.S. economy is addicted to tech innovation. I believe that addiction fuels climate change and degrades human health and well-being.

Now I am writing to fill the void left in the wake of my innovative smackdown.

Once an addiction has been stripped away, there is an empty space… a longing to connect with something that had previously been fulfilled by that addictive substance/behavior/person.

It is no different with our addiction to tech. I am not living in complete oblivion. I acknowledge there are very real underpinnings that…

Small business rule #1: Don’t lose a customer

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Hi Medium gods.

We need to talk about loyalty.

Let me introduce myself first, so you know you can take me seriously.

I’m a Virgo. That’s really all you need to know, but I’ll spell it out for you. I’m a Virgo, so loyalty is in my blood.

In case you don’t believe in astrology, just know that I also managed the office of a small business for several years. And loyalty runs in the blood of any small business, too.

And I’m not here to debate Medium’s business size. …

Try it today — for the love of tea and the planet

A flat lay photo of tea supplies (teapots, tea bag, spoon)
A flat lay photo of tea supplies (teapots, tea bag, spoon)
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I’ve been annoyed by the term life hack ever since its grand entrance into our vernacular.

What is it supposed to mean, anyway?

Life and hack don’t seem to naturally go together — at least not in the cutesy way that it’s often used. It sounds more fitting as part of an ax murderer mystery show on network tv.

But then something happened to change my opinion.

I had an embodied experience of a simple resolution to a problem that had plagued my daily existence. …

Don’t get stuck in an artistic rut

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If you’re a writer then there’s a good chance you have a creative diet — although you probably don’t call it that. Most likely, your day includes two things: writing and reading. Probably a lot of each, too.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this concept — so am I. It was less than 3 weeks ago I realized the detriment of writing and reading this much: I had barely moved my body beyond necessary daily functions and small walks in almost 6 months.

At first, I blamed the winter and then I blamed the pandemic. Finally, I realized I…


Hint: You have 7 journals

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As you gaze across your cluttered bed, more affectionately known as your unemployed writer’s nook, your eyes fall upon a nearby stack of 7 journals. They’re precariously teetering atop your pillow. The glow from your flickering candle casts dancing shadows around the room, taunting you and dredging up disastrous thoughts from the depths of your consciousness.

“Do I have a problem? Does owning 7 journals automatically equal addiction? Am I the only one who designates every thought, feeling, and impulse in my life to specific journals designed to hold such creative urges?”

The window to darkness closes. …

Kristy Lynn

A lover of stories, trees, dancing & self-reflection. Trained in somatic counseling psychology. Balancing optimism & reality. Connect:

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