Thanks for the advice 😬:

The things business owners hear so often it hurts.

“You should take a holiday”

Now people really do mean well when they say this, (my kind and beautiful sister Sam is the biggest culprit), but to say, “you have been working a lot, you should take a holiday” is much easier said than done dear friends. Especially when you are starting out. If you’ve ever heard of the Four Burners, you’ll know that when starting out three burners are shut right off.

The key to a successful business is to hire attractive females…

The last time I heard this I was looking at taking another site to open another cafe. I was being shown around and then it was time to talk serious business… The real estate agent wearing a very important looking business suit turns to me with a serious look on his face, before he spoke I could tell that he had dished out this revolutionary advice one million times before, says, “Now you know what you need to do? Just hire really attractive baristas, you know the beautiful girls behind the counter, what more could you need?”

Thank you, Mr. Real Estate agent in pinstripe and tan shoes, what more could I possibly need to run a successful business? Enough said.

“You were so busy on Saturday, you must be raking it in”

Although it may be a busy day, week, or month, business owners are always generating their own income. There’s no guaranteed pay check for the proprietor. We are in it for the long haul. It may seem busy, but before the business owner “rakes” anything in, the business owner pays staff, super, tax, rent, power, gas, about 6 different insurance policies, rubbish collection, food, beverage, the guy with his hand in your pocket, equipment, pays to play music, gas, phones, internet, ok, you get it. Today restauranteurs take on average about 60 cents (2 per cent) per $30 transaction. That’s a lot of meals to sell to be “raking it in”

“But what about coffee, the margins are so good on coffee…”

Are they? I read in the paper the other day a great story by Ed Cutcliffe, he said that in 2000 the price of a cup of coffee was $3.00, 18 years on the price per cup has increased by 10 per cent, while cost of goods sold have increased since then by 400 per cent.

“You are like, obsessed with your business”

If obsessed means that my business is always on my mind, I am anxious, I wake up to check email during the night, I work 18 hour days, every day, then yes, yes I am. I am obsessed. I need to be, nobody else will be.