A beautiful disaster

A wildfire was quickly approaching the camp. The flames danced over the tree tops. It was impressively powerful and very dangerous. All the camp counselors were informed we would most likely need to evacuate the next morning, and we were told to inform our campers. I walked over to the girls I was responsible for, and I told them the camp would need to end a couple of days early because the fire was getting too close. The girls asked me if we could pray, and I told them absolutely, so we did.

They prayed the fire would go away so they could stay at the camp for the rest of the week. Honestly, they had more faith than I did. My bags were already packed.

Several hours later, right before sundown, the wind started to blow the smoke into our camp. The wind blew harder and harder, and soon, we could not see or breathe outside. We went to a large gym and distracted the kids with dodgeball, but the situation was growing more alarming by the moment, we would have to leave before morning if the wind did not slow down. All I could think about was the kids’ looming disappointment.

Off in the distance, we began hearing a strong rumble. It was thunder, and I was hoping the storm would bring rain, and it did not disappoint. The storm brought the most impressive rain shower I have ever experienced. The roar of the pouring rain on the metal roof made it impossible to have a conversation without yelling. Soon, the rain began pouring underneath the bottom cracks of the doors, and then water began seeping through the sides and the top of the door frame. We couldn’t see outside through the windows.

I couldn’t grab a photo of how much smoke poured into the campgrounds.

Then it stopped, as quickly as it came.

The smoke and the rain created one of the most beautiful sunsets and the girls ran up to me, and said, “Kristy, look it rained, and we can’t see the fire anymore. God answered our prayer.” I told them he sure did.

This photo does nothing to capture the moment
Everything cleared in just a few moments.

We walked back to the dorms, and I unpacked my bags. I thought I really need to have a little more faith.

All the smoke in the atmosphere brought another storm, but this time, it was a light show. A good friend, Bay, and I were standing outside. We talked about how much we loved lightening. We decided to sneak off and view the show from a dry lake bed.

Hair nets never looked more cute.

The moment was dream like. In fact, I sent her a message today to make certain it actually happened.

The lightening danced around us while we were standing on the dry ground, the result of a long drought. The lake resembled a river because so much of the water evaporated during the heat of the day.

In that moment, I felt incredible bliss, and I was observing the power of God. I think that was the first clue that I enjoyed worshiping outside. I feel closest to God when I am close to nature. We were writing in the sand and laughing. The moment seemed unreal.

The lightening moved closer to us, and we decided it was time to head back to camp. The perfect moment was over. We looked back at the light show as we walked, and we noticed flames jumping over the tree tops again. The lightening restarted a fire somewhere. We ran to grab our cellphones and call the fire department. We told them what we saw, but it began to rain again, and once again the flames were gone.

I think it is interesting that something so dangerous and devastating can create unbelievable beauty.

I need to record another episode tonight. The quickly approaching deadline is a little overwhelming.

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