Everyone needs a little Joy in life

A friend good friend inspired me to do something absolutely terrifying. It doesn’t involve skydiving or racing a cheetah. While those things would be terrifying, what she inspired me to do is much scarier. The best part is she doesn’t know I was inspired.

I snagged a photo of this Cheetah at Bush Gardens, which is why I incorporated Cheetah into my story. I think it is a neat photo.

Joy Bethea pushes herself out of her comfort zone every day by sharing a personal story. Some of those stories are silly and some are serious, but they are all very sincere, authentic and raw. Why is she doing this? Well, because she really wants to push herself as a writer, and I guess it’s always good to do things that are a little scary on a regular basis.

I am journalist, which means I write a lot of stories. I write about people, places, things and events, but I don’t write about myself; ever. In fact, this is as many “I’s” I have had in a story in a long time.

I know I have stories to share, but I would rather share another person’s story. I love interviews. I love asking questions that evoke authentic responses. However, I am not always willing to be authentic about my own experiences.

My goal is the same goal Joy set for herself. To write 100 blogs posts. Maybe I will achieve it, maybe I won’t, but here is one. I also hope very few people read it, because it is not nearly as good as my news writing.

My personal twist to this goal is try to do something that seems scary every single day.

Today, I encouraged a friend to do something scary. I told that friend to send a message, and it only required being weird for 60 seconds. I need to take my own advice, I need to be courageous for just a minute every day so ultimately I can reach my goal.

Currently, the scariest thing I am working on is a podcast. It will cover student finance strategies. I want to do this, because I am really interested in student debt. I actually don’t have debt, but I applied to a ridiculous amount of scholarships to make that a reality.

I love helping students find their personal stories to help them apply for scholarships. I also have a pretty neat system.

Why is this so terrifying for me? I am absolutely terrified that I will invest my heart into the project and it will be a total flop, which is a legitimate fear. I am more terrified that other people will invest their personal time listening to me, and not be any better off.

So this week I am going to do something scary. I am going to start sending emails to individuals I can interview for the podcast. Some may say no, and that’s okay, because I just have to jump, and try.

So thanks Joy for encouraging to do what terrifies me. Hopefully, this journey is educational if nothing else.