Friends tell the truth

Dear Joy,

Good friends tell the truth. They are quick to point out food in my braces, or they simply give me a reality check when I have a sour attitude. I definitely had a sour attitude when I let someone get under my skin. Generally, it takes quite a bit to get me angry, but there are a few things in the world that earn a fast pass to Kristy’s Anger Train. One of which is outstanding arrogance. I was needing a quick venting session, but instead got a coaching session about how I am training to become a leader and I need to get it together and learn how to handle the unpleasant exchanges. Well, I am working on it and I will eventually get better at it. But I am depending on you to always tell the truth, and I will too.

When I see this, I think about the conversation about you being really excited that the photo makes you look more present in Facebook conversations. Haha!

I appreciate your honesty, it will continue to encourage me to better. So never stop doing what you do, and I am sincerely praying for your future, and I know it will be everything you dream it to be. I know with the end of the semester approaching, or maybe it has already passed? I know you are seriously considering your next steps. I am always a listening ear if you need to talk it out. Also, I stole your photo of Facebook.



P.S. I have always wanted and pen pal and I guess that is what we are, sort of :P