Goals push the play button on life

Today, I asked my friend Joy what she plans to do next after she finishes her 100-day story challenge tomorrow. She had a ton of great ideas, and I said she should do something health related, so she said she would do 100 days of planks. I don’t exactly know what the parameters of the challenge are yet, but I do know it will be really awesome.

The fact that she is already planning her next 100-day challenge means that she is still on a journey. In fact, we both are on a journey. I think there is a misconception that the achievement of a goal is a destination, but really it is just a mile marker. I don’t think she considered her daily writing a “100-day story challenge,” from the start. She has posted her stories on a blog called the “Trashcan,” which is both humble and creative. I think it was just something she was personally doing until I came along and jumped onto her wagon. I think she has enjoyed the company, although I didn’t give her much of a choice.

I don’t know why we are doing 100-days either. I guess because 100 days is an even number, and it requires a serious lifestyle change to reach the goal. 21 days, or even 60 days, only require a mild modification for a short period of time, but 100 days require serious dedication.

There are nights I do not want to publish a story. There are nights my story sucks. Sometimes I am proud of my stories, and sometimes I have to cry through the entire writing process, and let me tell you I hate crying. It gives me a headache. Writing every day requires exploring parts of my past I would rather not highlight. It also requires finding universal themes within my own personal experiences. Honestly, writing every day is the best kind of therapy.

I am more comfortable with my life story. I am more comfortable with who I am, and I have an entire library of personal stories to pull from when I want to incorporate an experience into a lesson.

She has taught me that having accountability for a goal makes it easier to reach the mile marker. I can’t really put my finger on why accountability was a game changer for me, but I have achieved more in the last 53 days than I have in the last nine months and dare I say ever.

Sometimes I think life routines make me complacent. I hit the fast forward button, and all of sudden I am wondering where the time went. This 100-day challenge is only half over, and I feel like I have finally hit play on my life, and I am traveling at an appropriate speed. I am not moving too fast or moving too slow. Each day feels unique and each day has challenges that I explore and learn from.

The goal is not easy, but it is not impossible either, which makes it a perfect adventure. I think I am addicted to goal setting now. I guess that is a healthy addiction.