How stories are made: Grandma plays Cards Against Humanity

Every Thanksgiving, Corey’s grandparents drive down from Indiana to Oklahoma, and they do not leave until after the new year. We basically sit around and play games for two months. Sometimes the games are clean family fun, and other times, not so much.

I can guarantee some of the best stories are made by spending time playing Cards Against Humanity with a grandma. Honestly, I think she knew what most of the cards meant, but she liked to pretend she was innocent. The family laughed so hard it hurt. The best part was when she asked others to read the cards for her. In her defense, she really does have bad eye sight.

When we introduced the raunchy game to our grandparents two years ago, just reading the cards in the deck made everybody red in the face from embarrassment. We all secretly enjoyed the experience, because it has become a bit of a tradition. Each round took much longer than anticipated, simply because we each struggled through reading the options out loud. I think some of the best memories, the best stories, are made while operating outside our comfort zones and not being afraid of a little inappropriate humor.

If you ever played cards against humanity, and thought, “Man I would never play this with my family,” or if you have ever thought, “I wonder what my grandma would look like playing this game,” here is a video of what that experience might look like.

If you enjoyed that clip, here is the whole video. Please, ignore our obnoxious laughing.