Perfect Timing

I was told to wait. I was still in college, and I was just too young to get married. They were right, getting married was terrifying, and I felt completely unprepared, but I was confident in my decision.

He proposed at 7 a.m!
But it was perfect timing.

I knew I loved Corey dearly, and I knew I would love to spend my life with him. I knew he was the kindest soul I ever encountered. I knew he encouraged me to dream and pushed me to reach my potential. I knew he supported all of my goals. I knew I enjoyed our long conversations.

I also knew he was one heck of a chef, and I would love to eat all of the dinners he would cook (and I do).

Yes, he is wearing those goggles to cut onions.

There was so much I knew about this amazing man, but there was one thing I did not know, and no one could tell me.

No one could tell me that my grandpa, who officiated the wedding, and my dad, who walked me down the aisle and danced with me, would be dead within two years.

Grandpa had to discuss the ceremony with me before it started.
Dad hated photos.

No one could tell me that, my new husband’s family would be rocked by the tragic death of a close family member. Within in just a few months of our marriage, we were making a long commute to Indiana to bury his cousin who was killed in a car accident.

On our one year anniversary, I buried my grandpa after he lost his battle to cancer.

16 months after my grandpa died, I buried my father after he had a massive heart attack.

No one could lean over and whisper in my ear, “Kristy, get married now, because if you don’t, people you love won’t be able to attend.”

I knew though, ready or not, I was getting married.

My grandpa meant the world to me, and I loved our quality time together. I wasn’t ready to lose him, and, well, I did not even get a chance to say goodbye to my dad.

Grandpa showed up for my engagement.

My wedding was perfect (besides my dress breaking). Everyone I loved celebrated together one more time before everything would change. It is crazy to think that my grandpa was probably dying from cancer when he officiated my wedding, and no one knew, and no one could tell me.

No one could tell me in two years I would be planning my father’s funeral. I look back on my decision, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

I had the opportunity to dance with my dad, and it was the only time I ever danced with him. He was really nervous but very happy.

That is a real smile from my dad, and not his awful posed smile when he takes a photo.

He made a lot of mistakes, but he never stopped being proud of my brother and me.

Sometimes decisions or circumstances seem to have the worst timing in the world, but in reality there is not a better moment. What seemed like “too soon,” was really right on time.

Today, I worked on my website for my podcast. I can’t believe it is March, and my launch date is sneaking up on me.

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