Strategic but flexible

I like strategies. Planning ahead makes me feel confident and in control. I actual don’t stop at planning ahead, I plant several steps ahead, and I incorporate several alternatives at each major milestone. When I was going to college, I had my senior semester planned my freshman year. However, I have learned not all plans work out. I have also learned that sometimes take life one step at a time can be quite exciting and full of possibilities.

Last summer, on the fantastic adventure Corey and I went on to Florida that I have written about a few times, I did not know the final destination when we began our journey. Instead, I was given a list of clues, riddles, tasks and other items that lead me from one state to another. Of course, I had a good idea about where we were going as we traveled closer and closer to Florida. Although, I did not know what activities we would be doing during our stay.

During the trip, I enjoyed how many times I was surprised by something I did not plan. I think there is a balance somewhere between having a plan but being flexible enough to enjoy the surprises.

A good friend of mine always says that she can turn on dime. I think that is a pretty awesome strength.

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