The female night jogger,

She works all day

Doesn’t make it home until past eight

She wants to run the trails or the sidewalks around her home

The sun falls behind the trees

Darker and darker and the shadows get longer and longer

She shouldn’t be alone

She brings her dog

Is that good enough?

Side glance left.

Side glance right.

glance behind.

Keep running forward.

He looks too long in her direction.

His eyes linger at her midsection

He smiles.

So, she changes her path

picks up the pace and hopes he doesn’t follow.

Side glance left.

Side glance right.

Glance behind.

Keep running forward.

Around the corner she notices a van.

Was it there before?

She can’t remember.

She quickly comes up with a game plan;

practice sprints.

She hurried past, her hands balled in a fist;

Jaw clinched.

Side glance left.

Side glance right.

Glance behind.

Keep running forward.


Take out an ear bud.

Listen. be alert.

The female night jogger can’t relax.

In a moments notice she must divert.

Is she crazy for her concern?


Is she the only one this cautious?


Is she overacting?


She notices a man jogging down the street.

He doesn’t pose an immediate threat

She grows green with envy

He jogs leisurely, with both earbuds plugged into his head.

Must be nice.

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