The hardest paths are usually the most fun

Roller coasters are thrilling, exciting and maybe a little scary, until the seventh time, and then they are boring. Last year, Corey and I spent a couple of days at Bush Garden’s in Orlando Florida, and they have some pretty insane roller coasters.

We learned that when the park opens or an hour before it closes, the lines for the roller coasters are very short. We rode all the roller coasters in the park within an hour on the last day. We actually rode a couple of the rides twice.

We ran across the park determined to enjoy every ride before the gates were scheduled to close. We had only one ride left. It had a cheetah theme, so it was really fast and a lot of fun. However, it was very far away, and we only had ten minutes to get in line.

We began running, although I felt a little woozy from the previous roller coaster, I was pushing forward as fast as I could. Corey and I were laughing at how absurd it must look to see us scrambling across the park struggling to breathe.

Corey started slowing down about halfway to the ride. I stopped and waited for him to catch up, and he told me he couldn’t keep running. I told him he could, and we would just run in short bursts. We would run for 20 seconds, walk, and then run for 20 seconds until we made it to our destination. He painfully agreed.

We arrived at the last roller coaster of the day with only a minute to spare. We were sweaty and exhausted, but we achieved our goal. My face was glowing red, but I was satisfied. Honestly, the last roller coaster was not all that thrilling, because seven roller coaster rides later, I think I acclimated to the fast speeds and upside down loops. Although, It was still fun, and I have no regrets for sprinting across Bush Gardens.

Sometimes, the things that are briefly hard or uncomfortable lead to something enjoyable. Also doing anything enough times makes it seem not so scary. I guess after seven podcast episodes I will acclimate. I know I have acclimated to publishing a personal story every day, and it is not as nearly as scary as I thought. Although it is definitely exhausting some days, and I think I can’t do it, but Corey just makes me keep running, even if it is only in brief bursts.

Today, I am editing some of my podcast episodes. Tomorrow, I will have a new pop filter, and I will record my first few episodes one more time and go with what I produce. I am trying to sound a little more conversational. Right now, the audio sounds a little rough, but the content is great.