I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

While I’m very happy for you and your success, the elephant in the room in these situations is that very few people who lose this amount of weight through diet and exercise (5–15% of the total by most reports) are able to maintain that loss after 3–4 years. Recent studies indicate that this sort of weight loss also permanently lowers the metabolism so that, in the future, a body like yours will be able to maintain 300+ pounds on far fewer daily calories than it did before the weight loss.

I’m not trying to bum you (or anybody) out — but I think it’s time we recognize that recovery from obesity — in a way that allows lifelong success — is a far more complex issue than merely losing the weight initially. We need to stop judging obese people as being lazy, sloppy, or unmotivated. Yes, losing weight, as you’ve discovered, is no more complex than reducing calories and increasing output (which is not to say it’s easy). Keeping that weight off for most people is a far, far more complex and difficult issue.

You have just arrived at the place where the real work and commitment will begin. I hope you’ll keep us posted on how it goes. I wish you every success.

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