Sprint 1

For this project, we were introduced the idea of interaction design and citizen science. An application called “POP” let us to prototype a smartphone app to illustrate the citizen interaction.


Our topic is focused on the “availability of fruits and vegetables for urban foragers.”

First of all, my partner and I tried brainstorming some topics or circumstances that users would access to our apps. Some ideas were that “charity foundations such as food bank try to collect food from donators once a week”, “People can collect extra vegetable and fruits from their backyard”, and “trading food within your neighborhood”.

Wrote down some cool ideas and scenarios on post-it notes

I then came up with a topic which is “Food 4 Trade”. This app is to let people exchange food if they got extras at home or they simply want to try other stuff. “Food 4 Trade” will be a platform for people post their food and find their matches.

Later, with chosen topics, we started to sketch the pages of apps.

listed what data to collect and sketched the pages
menu page of “Food 4 Trade”

Finally, I used the “POP” to compose all the pages and add some transitions. It turned out to be a “real” app that you can slide to next page and tap on some features.

Experience & Problem

When working on this project, I found that it was quite hard to brainstorm the topic. I have never used an app that is food related, so I didn’t know what kind of app people might need the most. However, brainstorming with partners is extremely helpful. We exchanged and combined some ideas that make them even more creative. Furthermore, thinking of self user experiences of using an app could enhance the app design. This process provided me with an example, letting me know what is essential in an app and what should be improved. For instance, I think a menu page is good to included in an app since it clearly outlines all the features. A problem I encountered is that I paid too much attention to creating interesting features or function. Since my app is about trading food, I should have done more to improve the trading part, such as


I think this project is incredibly interesting because I never thought that I can make an app, or even “sketch” an app! Nowadays, people can barely live without a smartphone and apps. I think it is so much fun that we can use the experiences and information we get from using apps and apply them to make our own app. Moreover, I really like to imagine that someone might be able to use my app some day, and what I should design for their better use.

Why important

I think my app of “trading food” can easily be applied to our daily lives. With the geotagged photo, users can located themselves correctly and find other users to trade quickly. I came up the idea of trading food because I think everyone got a problem of extra food at home. People tend to buy so much food when they are grocery shopping. The unawareness of excess results in the waste of food. I am upset when I look at those tons of snacks and fruits as well. The problem of waste can turn into a huge issue in society. This app offers a platform for people to exchange what they lack, and eliminates the problem of wasting.

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