Looking back at 30 years in UX

It is my anniversary! I have officially been in the field of usability and design (now referred to as UX) for 30 years. It is hard to believe that when I took a summer internship at Apple to work in their User-Aided Design group, I would find a career that I would be lucky enough to love for 3 decades. And this is still an amazing field to be in — with more and more teams realizing the need for UX research and design.

I have had the pleasure of working with many teams who have very committed, passionate UX experts dedicated to understanding and documenting people’s goals before solutions are identified and implemented. And over the years I have seen some themes emerge that are common threads among the UX community. …

A tray of lemons and glasses of lemonade
Description: A tray of lemons and glasses of lemonade. Photo by Charity Beth Long on Unsplash.

I recently had a project to test a beautiful, functional prototype with primary users. It was not a fully designed prototype, but it was not a wireframe either. It had placeholder photos and soothing colors that looked modern, usable, and clear at first glance. The team had done their work testing the IA and understanding the main tasks of the users.

So they were expecting this round of UX testing would be a breeze — maybe uncover a secondary link or two that would need to be added. But their hope was that users would be glowing and really, really excited for this prototype. …

“I am not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel”

OK, I will admit it — I miss Game of Thrones. I miss Danaerys’s longing for a new and better world. …


Kristy Knabe

UX Strategist

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