Chosen to Grow

Product Summary

Chosen to Grow is a website that features an interactive infographic that tells users how many foster children and foster homes are in their county in Northeast Georgia. Chosen to Grow will raise awareness about foster care in Region 5 of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services and provide a tool for Chosen for Life Ministries, a nonprofit in Watkinsville, Georgia, to use for outreach in these counties.

Chosen To Grow Trailer

The Problem

At any moment, there are at least 13,000 children in foster care in Georgia. Nearly 1,300 of these children are in the community around Athens — which is Region 5 of Georgia’s Division of Family and Children’s Services.

Raising awareness about foster care and adoption is difficult. You typically can’t show children’s faces, and the data and information about foster care can seem overwhelming.

Chosen for Life Ministries needed a way to show the current impact Chosen for Life has made, along with the need among the rest of Region 5.

Chosen to Grow will take this big challenge — one that is overwhelmed with statistics and data dumps — and will share information relevant to each county easily and clearly.

The Solution: A website that features information about foster care in that county and CFLM’s Foster Care Initiative.


  • Interactive infographic of Region 5.
  • Quotes from foster care advocates and foster parents.
  • Stat counter about Chosen for Life’s impact.


Chosen to Grow is a website built using HTML, CSS and Javascript on Brackets, a text editor.

Chosen to Grow branding was designed using Adobe Suite, the industry standard design software.

Potential Impact

Chosen to Grow will be used by CFLM’s advocates during presentations and when sharing about how many foster care homes and children are in the community.

Potentially, Chosen to Grow will increase awareness throughout Region 5 and will give context to potential donors and volunteers.

Visit Chosen to Grow and Chosen for Life Ministries for more information.

The Journey

Originally, my product was a time-tracking skill using a smart assistant. I took this project from ideation, research, design and branding from fall 2017 until spring 2018. I had every intention to pursue this project in capstone although I had lost enthusiasm toward the project and was feeling pressure from all the new smart assistant skills released.

Going into my final semester of grad school, I decided to give back to the city I had lived in for five years and volunteer at a local nonprofit in Athens. During a meeting with Chosen For Life Ministries’ executive administrator about volunteering, she asked if I needed a client for my capstone class. Working with CFLM was a change of pace gave me new enthusiasm for my capstone project. I was excited knowing with certainty that my project would continue after capstone had ended.

Key takeaways from the projects and capstone courses and deliverables.

  • For the style guide: know your client, audience and product and tailor the style to work for you. My client had a clear look from their logos and website but hadn’t formalized their look in a style guide. After pulling together the style elements CFLM use in my first draft of the style guide, I could see where CFLM could use more depth and options.
  • Originally, I was going to do user testing on my wireframe but completed the product in time. My product turned out dramatically different than the wireframe. The user testing wouldn’t have been as accurate and helpful just testing the wireframe instead of the completed product. I had thought that users wanted simple and clean websites but, through user testing, I learned that most users wanted a clear and defined option to learn more.

A brief piece of advice for the next cohort of Emerging Media students or a reflection you would like to share with your cohort.

  • If it is in you to do so, please journal about little break-throughs and lessons learned throughout your Emerging Media journey. These are difficult to recall.
  • Not every style choice has to be perfect — and it won’t be. Just make a decision and go with it. You can change it later.
  • Have a complete EMS as soon as possible. It will be incredibly easier to complete all other deliverables.