Day 1

Clean sidewalks

This council meeting is called to order. Raise your hand if you’ve recently felt overburdened by the weight of the world simply from doing a small, mindless act like taking out the trash.

Those large bins were made to overflow from consumption, sitting in the junkyard of materialism. Celebrate your spending, your material weight; the greed. Don’t forget to recycle.

I see the strain in your eyes; the dump was running out of space, while the suns rays crashed down on your back like an undertow, the sheer force of nature exposing your fallibility. …

He is a simple man, hanging his complexities up in his closet, alongside his fresh-pressed buttoned shirts that he wears to teach at the local middle school in Queens; the traumatic memories of his past hang quietly, calmly waiting for a moment to make an appearance once his mind has moved away from their terror. He hangs a dog calendar on his wall, next to the mementos from his past that he is comfortable seeing each day — a concert poster, a picture of the Budapest cityscape — and grabs his guitar to tickle its strings, allowing his mind to…

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This is the start of a journey both written and realistic. I’m Kristyn Potter and I’m a hedonist.

“Hi Kristyn”

I’m sat on the train headed to meet a stranger to discuss a photo-journalism project, with “Tropic of Cancer” in my lap, Duolingo queued up on my phone, and a WhatsApp conversation with one of my close girlfriends in London paused on my phone, next to an unread message from a Scottish guy that I have an unbelievably unrealistic crush on.

Since I was about 25, I wanted to move to Europe — to Paris, or back to London where…

On the Pursuit of Happiness, Among Other Things, Most Notably Food and A Public Restroom.

Written early 2013.

Well, this is new for me.

I sat down for my second meal of the day at 7 p.m. after running around for what feels like forever. My dinner spot ended up being some hole pizza shop that serves wine and beer (tempted, let me tell you) off of the Bedford Avenue stop in Williamsburg. I didn’t intentionally come to this place, although my massively large pizza and pleased palette would be beg to differ. I was on my way to a…

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“I like people quite well at a little distance.

I like to see them passing and passing

and going their own way, especially if I see their aloneness alive in them.

Yet I don’t want them to come near.

If they will only leave me alone

I can still have the illusion that there is room enough

in the world.” — D.H. Lawrence // People

It was nothing more than a relentless series of steps leading to the same unfulfilled vault of corrosion. It was cruel, and you couldn’t help but feel deteriorated and isolated, like being stuck in a…

From the Archives | Written May 28, 2010

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Clarity was brought to me during dinner with a new friend in the early summer, where our potential was becoming solidified and the world was so vividly at our feet. She told me to put on my tiara and make it happen. I could’ve cried right there in the middle of the Mexican restaurant with the only sound in my mind being my defeatist thoughts eliminating and “Rakata” on in the background. …

Originally written 2 decades ago

Vita Hominis Sine Literis Mors Est.

Man’s Life Without Literature is dead.

“Once upon a time there was a girl who, at the age of twelve, took an airplane to Hawaii and ended up in a foreign country….”

That’s how it always started. She would sit down at her desk, contemplating various stories and upon reaching a grand idea she would tell her parents. Her parent really, since she didn’t live with her father. She didn’t know him and thought for a long time that he didn’t know her as well. She sat at the…

July 7, 2012

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Barclaycard Wireless Music Festival 3-day tickets were my birthday present to myself, which really is a sad excuse to find something truly enjoyable amid turning 24, but either way it was a great present.

Thanks Kristyn.

Oh, shit, you’re welcome Kristyn.

The festival kicked off on Friday literally ten minutes from my house, which I found very serendipitous in that I bought fest tickets back in February when I first found out I was coming to London, and secured my housing sometime in April- with NO idea that I was living so close to one of the…

Kristyn Potter

Founder of Left Bank Media. Editor of Left Bank Magazine. I write about music, and New York mostly.

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