Marzy Maddox Leaves With Chins Held High

A multi-band show in Bethesda, Maryland left one band in particular with only good feelings about how the show went. Marzy Maddox, an upcoming progressive rock band from Frederick, Maryland, is made up of surprisingly young members who received nothing but praise from the crowd.

Matt Earp (left), Colin Waddington (middle), and Phoenix Johnson (right) make up the progressive rock band, Marzy Maddox.

The rock/metal trio is made up of Phoenix Johnson providing vocals and playing bass guitar, Matt Earp playing guitar, and Colin Waddington playing drums.

For being a small, new band, the crowd at Villain and Saint bar in Bethesda, Maryland was enthralled by Marzy Maddox’s performance. Everyone was on their feet and dancing along to the heavy beat of the bass drum, loving every minute of it.

Chelsea Randall, cousin of Matt Earp, the band’s guitarist, says, “the band is getting better all the time,” and, “it’s amazing that 19-year-olds can play that good.” Her boyfriend, Stephen Byrne, agrees. The first time the couple saw the band, it was in their hometown of Frederick, Maryland.

When you walk into the Villain and Saint, the vibe you get is more villain than saint, as you can picture the devil himself sitting at the bar and jamming along to some classic rock, which is exactly the kind of musicians the Bethesda bar attracts.

Phoenix Johnson rocking away during his bass guitar solo.

And for good reason: the bar has a loyal crowd that comes for the live music and atmosphere, who love to support emerging bands. It does not matter if they have never heard the band’s name before, if they are trying to get their feet under them, the crowd will encourage them in any way possible.

Villain and Saint has received rave reviews and they host the live music event very frequently, according to Bethesda residents, with a new variety of bands each time along with some frequent fliers.

Find yourself near Bethesda, Maryland? Head over to Villain and Saint for exciting live music, a spirited atmosphere, and some classic food and drinks.

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