This is a beginner level tutorial on how to deploy a static site to Netlify. It assumes basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and familiarity with Git and GitHub.

So you have built a website and are now wondering how to get it from your computer and onto the world wide web. …

No sooner had last years uncodebar ended than all the codebar organisers and attendees declared in unison: let’s do it again!

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A portion of the attendees

After the phenomenal success of our little bootstrapped event last year, we decided to run uncodebar again and make it bigger, better and, well, more absorbent. We increased the number of attendees from last year in a bid to bring in more people from diverse backgrounds. …

In an effort to attract talk proposals from a more diverse group of people, ScotlandJS and ScotlandCSS decided to host Diversity CFP workshops around the UK and Germany leading up to their conference in June 2016. codebar was happy to get involved and help run the London event. Workshops were also organised in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Berlin.

The set up was simple. During the workshop people got the opportunity to work on their talk proposals, with advice from fellow mentors and other attendees. …

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