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Vir Das: Abroad Understanding ; A Review

To someone who started out as a passive viewer to CNBC TV-18 chomping down Chocos after school, Vir Das’s News on The Loose was my gentle introduction to the stock market. Even when i couldn’t understand him, he seemed funny. Now that i do, he’s hilarious.

As someone who’s seen more Vir Das through the ages than is conducive to health, i must admit, it’s not his best stuff that he presents in the Special. But considering he’s juggling two vastly different Audiences in two different parts of the world, he pulls it off seamlessly. To get a set of jokes to work in New York and in New Delhi couldn’t have been easy, but then again, Vir Das isn’t new to Stand-Up, he’s been doing it for at least a decade and that’s just because i’m too lazy to actually check wikipedia.

Why is his special different? Well for one, his bits are refreshingly different from the other specials on Netflix, which are excessively focused on America and talk about O.J. Simpson, racism, gun violence, heart-break, sex, politics and the like. Not Vir Das… because he talks about Indian Food, racism, gun violence, heart-break, sex, politics.. No, seriously, he’s a fresh take on a lot of the same that you’ve heard before and also a lot that you haven’t(especially Potatoes).

Through his stand up acts, his brief social media foray via Potcasts, and his interesting Bollywood Career which, well, i mean “Delhi Belly”, Vir Das has been the Indian Comic with Style and Class. So of course, among the large universe of Comedy that seems to have erupted suddenly in India, he’s the one to get his Netflix Special. I know there are other comics from India who’re coming to Amazon Prime with their own specials, and i won’t lie to you, i’m looking forward and am going to watch all of them too. But at the end of the day, their name isn’t Vir Das, and that is the bad news.

P.S: I tried to find reviews for the show online, but couldn’t find any. So I wrote one of my own.
P.P.S: Is it too much to expect Aziz Ansari and Vir Das to do a special together? Is that a thing?

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