Creation is Emission

featuring Ganga, Jamna, Saraswati

Long before the banners of buses carrying the message — गंगा तेरा पानी अमृत (Ganga, your water is nectar) came into being, there were writings etched in stone and minds — मृत्योरमा अमृतं गमय ( from death to immortality)
Ganga is the river of life, in its water is vitality, color and emotion of human civilization. If an alien could see the timelapse of Human growth in the world, that alien would not hesitate to say that the human life and Ganga are deeply inter-related. 
And I would not let your skeptical mind to naysay my claim so easily, so here is the thing I would like to show you.

If Ganga is synonymous to life, Saraswati is synonymous to enlightenment, in its flow are the hymns of the Vedas and revelations of the sages. So much so, that the river became the Goddess of knowledge and music.

But Saraswati, how did we get to this name ? 
सृ means to flow. The elemental sound of flowing liquid is understood as सृ. 
This सृ expands as सरस्. 
There are many icons that comes into human imagination when we talk about flowing liquid, and the chief among them is a flowing stream of water. 
That is why we have used proper nouns like सरस्वती and सरयू for naming rivers.
We also have a common noun सरिता, which is invariably used for any small rivulet or stream. 
We also have a bird, the Indian crane named सारस् (meaning — of the river).

The story of सृ doesn’t end here. For a simple fact that water is life. 
The flow of water goes hand in hand with the idea of life — life like river is flow. It can be mysteriously wild or turbulent, it could also be smooth or stagnant.

This conjoining, this conception of life as a flow.. gives rise to the idea of creation of life as an act of emission. A mother emitting a child from her womb. 
A funny thought indeed, because we often tend to think of creation as an activity in station. More like a sculptor carving an unmoving stone or a painter coloring a stagnant canvas. 
When creation is thought as an act of emission, we would imagine a dancer moving across the stage, a musician moving sounds through time, a writer delivering words through the fetus of her pen. 
That is precisely why the creation of the individual, or creation of the world itself is called सृष्टि .
Since, creation is stuck to existence in its core, even the laziest, unmoving, bummers of the world are equal collaborators to this universe. 
No matter, how much you pat your back for making that presentation, there is always a bummer farting way more than you ever did. And in this unjust-just world, his contribution is marvelously equal to yours. 
Your सृष्टि , your emission could be from your bikes pipe, your pen’s nib, your throat or your deepest navel, and that is always going to be the equal to that ant walking across your laptop screen. 
And that for me is the magic I just cannot unsee. 
See you,
Stay Awesome.

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