What’s your Tempo ?

Tempo in layman words is — “the pace of the song”. It is measured in beats per minute. And hence, terms like 120 bpm, 128 bpm.

Many studies have been done to understand the relationship between music and emotional states of humans. It has been found that out of all the different parameters of music, it is the tempo that has the most straightforward relationship with our moods and emotions.

You can even tap and find a tempo without music. Yes, just by tapping. Check this tool to know. But continue reading on.

Tempos run from 60 BPM to 250 BPM, something above or below that range is not popularly understood as music. As a basic rule of thumb, low BPMs correspond to sadness, solitude, calmness and serendipity and high BPMs might correspond to excitement, fun, frolic, agression and chaos. But that is a general classification and does not take into account the emotion that notes have inside them.

Different genres of music have different ranges of BPM. 
Party songs work around 128BPMs. 
Romantic Mixes tend to be around 100 BPM.
Dubstep at 140 BPM.
Epic soundtracks at 80 BPM.

Is tempo the pace at which beats move ?
No, beats, bass or percussion might be moving in their own patterns. Even when there are no kicks or claps, the song has a tempo.

For me tempo is a complete mystery. Tempo is something that you would only get right when you are feeling the music with your body.

I would like you to read the tempo of songs yourself. For that I have built a tiny tool. I hope you use it well.

Stay Awesome.