The Complete Guide To Becoming a Bad Manager

You have come to the right place to learn how to become a bad manager. To have entitlement complex is the first and foremost qualification to be a bad manager. For those of us who do not know what entitlement complex means, here’s the definition — the feeling that you deserve to be given something. For example, if you expect your maid to come for work 365 days a year and be your slave, just because you pay her 2000 Rupees, then you have entitlement complex. You are their manager — this implies that they are your slaves.

You must be a perfect monarch in your journey to become a bad manager. Your behavior should be such that, when your subordinates see you or even think of you, their mind must be filled with disgust and hatred for you. The rules that you frame must be followed only by your subordinates. Make sure that you do not adhere to the rules that you have imposed on them. You must have 0 empathy. You must always have a “no — mind” — whatever your subordinates ask for, you must give a big “no” as an answer. You must have a biased mindset.

You must have grudges on your subordinates often. You must constantly backbite about every subordinate to every other subordinate. You must have the talent to suck in your subordinates’ lives for them to complete the work assigned to them — you must ensure that they do not get time to spend with their families. You must always be in a constant assumption that your subordinates are born only to work, work and work. You should not allow your subordinates to develop their knowledge base nor allow them to think out of box.

Here are a few ideas to guide you in your journey to become a bad/worse/the worst manager:

  1. You should not allow your subordinates to take leave on will. They should literally crumble on your feet to get a leave approved.
  2. Even during heavy rains and thunderstorms, you must not allow your subordinates to work remotely. But you should work remotely if you wish to.
  3. You could turn off your subordinates’ PC’s without their consent.
  4. You could blast your subordinates in meetings.
  5. You could show off your subordinates’ sweat and hard work as your own.
  6. If your desk phone doesn’t work, you must replace your subordinate’s desk phone with yours and vice versa and let them suffer. You have the right to do it because you are their manager.
  7. You could take revenge on your subordinate and show your power if you see even a slightest of disobedience in them.
  8. If you see your subordinate taking a break, you should immediately pitch in and assign more tasks to them.

… and the list goes on…

All techniques mentioned in this article must be followed to successfully grow from normal to bad manager, then bad to worse and worse to the worst manager. You are always welcome to add your innovative ideas to become a bad manager. I hope this article was useful or will be useful to you in future.

I really hope you get the point! ;-)