The little autumn in lives…….

She was excited, laughing and quite nervous, tapping to Bon Jovi’s, could not wait another minute for the magic to happen. Sitting on the chair with her fingers drumming on the glass table.

A sudden change in the space. An aura of rock ’n’ roll fragrance spread all over the studio and as she turned back, she spotted him descending the stairs, entering the studio.

Dark and wild, toxic smile, hands of an exoctic artist…….he smelled of cigarrettes and alcohol and weed.

Oh! Also, that super flaunting flavour of his deo spray. It was dope. His presence was dope.


Remove ear pods.

She was stunned. And she had no words to describe what feeling it gave her. But she sure was happy from within.

She was speechless when she looked into his cavernous eyes!

She was about to get inked, for the first time.
 It was unplanned, she landed up there by a precise stroke of fate. An intense conversation about cultural habits, taboos dragged this crazy-little-nut-crack to actually get herself a tattoo, to live the rebel her heart wants.

In his coarse voice, “Hi, Welcome to the studio!”
 “Thank you”

“So, what design you got?”
“No. I don’t have an idea. Just suggest me some”
“Well, what do you like?”
“Alcohol, Smoke, Rock music, Lord Shiv, Books….so many “

After few months…..

In his coarse voice, on a heated argument, “Do you have any idea who I am? !”
“I know. You’re a devil. You manipulated me with your extravagant ideas, your rum coated words…… You ruined me. I know”
“You were a kid, it was me who helped you see the world better….”
She quite knew he was right. But it was too much now, for her to let him win, because he played both the sides.

After few years,

In her voice with age and travel and life, she said “Am not angry with you. I don’t hate you. It’s just the time. I think we need to choose different paths and keep walking….

And never turn back at each other..”

What a memory! They were an amazing little perplex in each other’s life!

We all have such “little” perplexes, don’t we? That we tend to keep close no matter how far it flies away from us………


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