AdCoin with its internal currency (AU). The exchange rate is constantly growing and is being strengthened through the sale of advertising. Approximate growth rate per month can reach from 20% per month. The company is also focused on connecting online stores with a guarantee of payment for goods and services for its currency. To this end, launched their own API, which indicates significant costs and a serious intention for productive work.

According to legend, Adcoin Inc. Is a young company, which in March 2015 turns two years old, as they entered the interactive advertising market. The staff includes experts in forecasting the state of the advertising market, marketers and programmers with extensive experience in the field of mining crypto-currency. The administration decided to create a platform that, due to its functions and capabilities, as well as the internal system of circulation of funds, will allow to optimize the process of interaction between the investor and the advertiser. The internal virtual currency is called “AS” and is intended for online payments in online stores for goods and services, as well as for direct exchange between users (1 ac = 1,000,000 loo). The AU can be purchased by exchanging money for coins of AU and sold in exchange for money through Adcoin Bank.

The design of the project is easy to use, without any intrusive images and other graphic elements. Navigation in the project is extremely simple and

accessible to every user. All the content on the site is completely original and well-written in human language. The provided material on the pages of the resource is not overloaded with texts and is available for study only in the Russian version. On the main page you can observe the changes in the virtual currency exchange rate of the AU, monitor the current course, get acquainted with the principle of the system operation, and also study the user agreement.

How it works:
First of all you need to register in the system and create an anonymous wallet. By the created purse it will be impossible to find out its owner. Each user has the right to own only one purse. If such a violation is detected, the system automatically blocks the user without saving money on the purses. The next step will be a free installation of a special browser extension that shows advertiser sites on users’ monitors. After installing the extension, it becomes possible to buy coins from the system for money. The minimum quantity for a purchase is 1 AU, the maximum is 100 AU (in the first month), up to 300 AU (in the second month), up to 500 AU (the third month) and up to 1000 AUs (all subsequent months). For 1 purchased speaker, you will receive 100 impressions of your advertising as a bonus. The value of the domestic currency increases due to the sale of advertising, since all profits from the sale are aimed at strengthening the exchange rate of coins, which leads to an increase in their value. You can sell your coins at any time to the system in the Bank section. In total, it is planned to generate no more than 1 million adcoin coins, after which they can be bought at market value only from private holders.

For advertisers: 
Your advertisement will be viewed by absolutely all users of the project, since they will necessarily have a special extension that shows the advertiser’s sites every time users switch to a new site. At the time of writing the review, there are the following costs for advertising:

5 $ — 1000 hits (0.005) 
10 $ — 3000 hits (0.0033) 
15 $ — 6000 hits (0.0025) 
20 $ — 8000 hits (0.0025) 
30 $ — 15000 hits (0.002) 
50 $ — 25000 hits (0.002) 
$ 100–50000 hits (0.002) 
300 $ — 300,000 hits (0.001) All times are GMT +5.

For users: 
In order to earn the opportunity to earn in the system on the growth of the exchange rate of the domestic currency AC, it is necessary to fulfill only a few mandatory requirements that will help to acquire a net profit the next day.

1. Creating an anonymous wallet; 
2. Installing an extension in your browser to view ads; 
3. Buy a limited number of coins in the system; 
4. Sell coins at a favorable rate at any time.

Technical part: 
 — Self-written script 
 — Dedicated server 
 — Ddos-protection from Ddos-Guard 
 — SSL encryption from GeoTrust (for 1 year) 
 — Verified RM account 
 — Unique design 
 — Your application for advertising.

Detailed information on monitors with this project can be found here:


Payment systems: PerfectMoney. 
Type of payments: declared Instant, but in practice within a few hours. 
Commission: when transferring from purse to user’s wallet, 3% will be charged from the sender and 2% from the payee.

Affiliate program (four-level): 2% -1% -1% -1% of the amount spent by your referrals on the purchase of coins. 
2% of the amount of referrals of the 1st level 
1% of the amount of referrals of the 2nd level 
1% of the amount of referrals of the 3rd level 
1% of the amount of referrals of the 4th level

Skype: adcoin 
E-mail: Ticket 

Conclusion: the launch of the payment platform took place only 10 days ago at the time of writing the review, but during this time a huge amount of necessary work was done. We launched our own API, added the ability to connect to the online store system, open to advertisers. All these possibilities entail an impressive cost and this development of the system does not end there. In the future, access to foreign markets is planned, which will ensure the inflow of new advertisers and, accordingly, will maintain the growth of the domestic currency rate. At the moment, the cost of 1 speaker is $ 1.38. For example, at the time the system 1 was started, the AC was equal to $ 1, that is, as we see, there is a clear growth in the rate, and therefore, of our net profit. We recommend using services and earning on the growth rate. The project is on our portal under the “Deposit Protection” until March 3, 2015 with a fund of $ 300. To our partners we offer refund of 3% of your deposit.