iQuant Chain-The World’s First Quantitive Automatically Trading Platform

After the announcement and process of the website successfully, people have developed an interest in buying the tokens. ICO and IQT in general. Unlike most of the exchanges, once you invest your money or buy token it is not stuck there. You can easily sell them on an exchange as well as invest them on the platform in order to earn money.
 According to the announcement, once ICO gets started all the people that have registered on the website will be able to split the reward of 1,000,000 IQT together. The ICO reward will be automatically distributed to the wallet on the ICO, so if you are already registered do not have to get worried about the process

IQT bergabung dengan Bancor Decentralized Liquidity Network, menciptakan sebuah IQTBNT Token Relay.

The process of registration is quite easy and once you register to the website, an invite link is provided to them. The industrial can easily copy the link and also send them to their friends. For every registration as a result of invite link the individual sending the invitation will receive 2 IQT for free. This is the best and easiest way to earn free IQT, in case you are interested in the process here is how it works.

-IQT ICO in progress.

For every invite, an individual send to their friend ICO develop a rank list of all the registered individual on the basis of how many invites they have sent and how much successful registration they have earned. On the basis of this ranking, they provide rewards to top 20 individual for free. The individual registering the maximum people will receive 100 IQT for free followed by second highest with 70 IQT and third highest with 50 IQT and the list goes on.
For the investors, it is a genuine concern if IQT will maintain its value and appreciation that it’s receiving right now.

ICO users will purchase IQT automatically when they use their service and so, this will maintain the value of IQT and also promote its appreciations with time. According to research and by seeing other similar examples it can be easily explained that the IQT will not only maintain its value but in coming time the value will increase.
A common example that will help you to understand is BTC, just like when people need to use BTC for exchange, they buy it from the market. The increase in demand increases the value and its price will also increase as a result.Another important thing to remember is that Iquant provides better experience globally for the users as well as investors alike. 
The global blockchain trading platform explains this process easily in detail. Millions of users globally trust and use the platform and these users include both, blockchain investors as well as potential users.
 It is observed that there is a continuous extension of each block chain assets community and this affects the user’s amount and as a result, both value and users increase. This will increase the appreciation and value of IQT and will motivate more people to come forward.

-Reason to invest and benefits.

Now the main question is how it is different from the rest of the products available in the market. And this is where most investors have their interest, they want to know why it is worth their money and why their priority has to be this product rather than other products available in the market.Unlike other platforms they allow their users and beginner investors to feel special. They allow them to register for free and get the guidance from experienced and professional financiers through proper demonstration and account.

  • It is organized on a cloud, this helps the user to trade easily via automatic push-button device without keeping an eye on it.
  • Where most of the users and investors thing risk level are more, there is an easy way to maintain the risk. The parameter can be set easily and independently in order to make the risks as the controllable as possible. This is where most of the other products fail but IQT has this advantage.
  • Investors will have the access to the intelligent cryptocurrency assets via an investment consultancy system that is easy to maintain.
  • For ranking process they have a more reliable source, they have big data analysis that helps to generate a smart process of ranking that is recommended by trade strategies.
  • Another important thing is that their investment strategy combination function also realize the prevarication of multiple other strategies.
  • If there a professional investor or an organization interested in investing, they can get one-step professional quantitative service.

Scheme :

They have carefully designed their scheme and following that they have IQT as their platform. These tokens will not be supplemented and they will circulate constantly with 100 million $ worth in total. They have two series one is pre-ICO and the other is ICO, in these series they 10% is offered pre-ICO and 30% is offered in ICO. 
Remaining include 10% as a return for early bird investor, 35% to be held by the founding team and remaining of 15% for marketing and promotion. And this is the actual distribution that has a total of 100% and is broken down according to the requirements.


The team behind IQT is considered as the best. They have Leo Chen as their CEO, he is a financial expert by profession, and their team also includes Tony Hu as the co-founder, Mattew Klein as CTO and FernandeParisi as the senior consultant.

-ICO in ETH only.

ICO end date is 25th November 2017 20:00 pm

you can buy IQT on our official website :

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