109 year old Alfie designs sweaters for poisoned penguins

You would think being Australia’s oldest man would mean the time to sit back and relax with your feet up. Well, not for Alfie Date! The New South Wales resident has been knitting away since 1932 and after hearing about the oil-stricken penguins of Phillip Island he set to the task of saving their lives.

These tiny penguins are found only in New Zealand and southern Australia, with a colony of 32,000 who live on Phillip Island. Unfortunately the oil residue allows water to get into their feather coats and causes a great amount of discomfort, not allowing the fury friends to get dry.

And even though Alfie is borderline 110, he still makes sure the goods are of the utmost quality.

‘I like to make it without mistakes and I don’t excuse myself for doing it. (But) I think there is an excuse for a person who’s gone beyond the normal span of life,’ he said.

Alfie also manages to get the wider team of friends and family onboard to help out.

‘The girls who used to work for me, they’ll tell you I’m a sucker. I can’t say no. It’s a good way of getting along in life. You make friends all the time but you don’t make a fool of yourself either,’ Alfie said.

Alfie’s work with the penguins is now done as they have received enough for the population, however I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Alfie and his amazing

Alfie’s a legend and he’s a more than worthy of our ‘Powering Good’ champion of the week!

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Thanks to NineMSN for the story