5 Brilliant Women Changing The Future For Us All

These 5 brilliant women are doing the most amazing things for the future of the human race

Elizabeth Holmes — Founder and CEO at Theranos

A few drops of blood is all it takes with Elizabeth’s cheap and efficient testing kit. Ten years in the making, she has developed a miraculous method for diagnosis that can perform hundreds of tests, from the standard cholesterol checkup to in depth genetic analysis, all faster and more accurate than ever before. She’s also America’s youngest female billionaire.

Daneille Fong — Co-founder and Chief Scientist at LightSail Energy

Amazing enough, Danielle went to University at the age of 12 before graduating with first class honours at 17. She’s now gone on to found LightSail Energy, a company that has found a way to store renewable energy for use when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. This process functions with a fine, dense spray of water which absorbs heat generated by compression and later reconverts it to useful energy when the system is reversed.

Amy Baxter — Creator of Buzzy

Amy is a physician-turned-entrepreneur that has uncovered a way to help 10% of the world (including myself) who struggle with needles. She’s created Buzzy, a bee-shaped device that takes the sting out of shots by confusing the body’s nerves and distracting the patient.

Jessica Greenwalt — Co-founder and Lead Designer at CrowdMed

We believe in the power of the crowd and so does Jessica; who, with her partner Jared have founded CrowdMed. Likened to a reality TV version of House, CrowdMed puts rare diseases to a global web audience to come back with solutions, treatments and hopefully cures. The sick people can offer up a reward to the medical professionals with the money split between the winners.

See Jared’s moving motivation for starting the company with Jessica below:

Dr. Anita Goel — CEO of Nanobiosym

Dr Goel is a physicist shaking up the world with her device Gene-RADAR, an iPad-sized medical tool that in under an hour can diagnose any disease with a known genetic fingerprint. The list of diseases is very impressive, ranging from HIV/AIDS, to malaria, diabetes and even certain types of cancer. Made more amazing because the device doesn’t need a certified doctor, electricity or running water to operate. Her goal is to eventually help some 4 billion people who are without access to medical screening.

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