The Little Prince and the Magic of Photography

The creative mind can be a magical tool and when placed into a situation where it can be used to power good for somebody less fortunate — the results can be spectacular.

Meet Luka, a teenage boy who suffers from muscular dystrophy, resigning him to very limited mobility and communication skills. And meet Matej Peljhan, that type of creative mind that brings the spectacular to life.

Matej, a professional photographer and psychologist from Slovenia, was able to tap into Luka’s mind during one of his sessions as his doctor, unlocking the dreams of a young lad who just wanted to be free.

“Some time ago, during one of our conversations, he expressed his wish to see himself in a photo, walking around and doing all sorts of mischief,” Peljhan recalled.

Peljan took to fulfilling Luka’s wish and decided to use his skills in photography to make it happen. He knew this could be done, it just required a change of perspective.

Drawing creative inspiration from the classic tale ‘The Little Prince’, Matej was able to take a series of amazing photos, making Luka’s dreams come true while gaining global praise for his efforts.

This a brilliant example of how someone with a gift can inspire great things, which makes it brilliant for us at kriticalmass to be involved in something just as beautiful with Aldo Soligno’s ‘Rare Lives’ campaign.

Facilitating hope is an amazing thing and something we pride ourselves on. With our long term goal to keep up our support of great projects like Aldo’s we’re really looking forward to more great stories and the chance to help more kids like Luka.

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