Reflections of My Love

What is Love? I ask myself all the time…

Love is passionate in the beginning,

But slowly it dims at the end..

Love brings happiness,

Love brings pain…

Thinking about it sometimes,

I feel obliged..

But, experience it,

Left me with a void ..

With the advent of Love,

I felt raffling poise..

No limit of happiness,

My Love has defined ..

To create the magic,

I catered all the things; was possessing..

Whether is was understanding,

Whether it was caring …

To keep the Love alive,

I devoted Myself completely..

To behest You all the time,

I have lost somewhere profanely…

With the surmise of hope,

I thought someday You would understand me..

Unrequited anything from You,

Me and my Love vanquished with turmoil ….

Now this is the time for Valediction,

But my Love for You will be perpetual..

I pray to God to let our palliatives go away,

Let my Love be alive and hope that You will come again……

By - Kritika Dayal