A story of life, heartbreak, and new love

Kiara was just another ordinary girl waiting to see what life threw her way. As an only child she never felt a lack of love, protection, money or care. Raised in vibrant, crazy Bombay she never imagined that one day her family would have an opportunity to move away — to another country. The move was a dream come true in many ways.

The desert paradise she now called home was a far cry from her home of 14 years. With her life turned amazingly upside down, she knew it could not get better than this. But then Jacob walked into her life, and suddenly her life wasn’t her own. When Kiara first saw Jacob on the school bus, she didn’t think of much of him.

Jacob was not what Kiara imagined her dream man to be, what years of reading mushy, romance novels had taught her to believe. But Jacob with his hazel brown eyes, curly brown hair, boyish grin and coffee-bean complexion was charming, funny and sexy.

Kiara and Jacob were poles apart. They’d been raised differently, in different countries. Jacob, a Christian; Kiara, a Hindu. Kiara was 15 and Jacob, 16. His passions lay outside of academics and books. While she was an ace student — an all-rounder.

But that didn’t matter to the young lovers. Their friendship blossomed and turned into love. Or so they both thought at the time. Secret meetings, stolen glances in the school corridors, and their attraction for each other grew stronger by the day. Their friends knew about their secret relationship but their teachers didn’t; their parents didn’t. There was magic in the air every time they saw each other; kissed each other. Every opportunity they could find to see each other they did — without a care in the world. Their love had all the time in the world to grow and mature.

Life was beautiful until one day their dreams were shattered. Kiara was moving back to India and there was nothing Jacob could do about it. The day she realized her parents had decided to move back, Kiara wept — uncontrollably — her world destroyed in an instant. She felt helpless; there was nothing she could do to change her parents’ minds.

How would Kiara and Jacob handle their long distance relationship?

They had no answer. The world has just come to a stop. The future seemed bleak and hopeless. Would their love thrive? Or would it succumb to the pressures of the outside world? Would it die a slow gradual death?

Would the young lovers find each other? Would they be able to stay in touch despite the miles and miles that they now had to traverse to just be with each other?

But Jacob loved Kiara. He did not give up on their love.

He knew they could make it work. Their love wasn’t going to fade away. Not when he loved this girl who had transformed his life. She made him want to be a better person; to fight the battles in his life to get her back into his life.

So, they kept in touch. Over email. Over Skype. Over text. Over phone calls.

Days turned into months. Months into years. Jacob visited Kiara in Bombay whenever he could. But barely realizing it, the distance started to eat into their once-healthy relationship.

Kiara was living her life in Bombay and Jacob tried to make a life for himself in another corner of India. But the cracks started to appear in their friendship, in their trust and in their love.

Fights, misunderstandings and arguments became common.

And one fine day Kiara and Jacob’s nine-year-long relationship came to an end.

Did she feel shattered and broken? Yes.

Did she lose her best friend? Yes.

Did she experience the feelings of helplessness stemming from the loss of her anchor, her best friend, her partner-in-crime, her “soulmate”, her future life partner?


Kiara felt stuck. Her life as she had lived it for the past nine years had come to a thudding halt. How would she fill the void left by him? How would she find the strength and courage to move on and mend her broken heart?

The questions plagued her mind; but she had no answers.

The worst part — she couldn’t tell anybody what she was going through. She had no one to seek advice from. Of course, her friends knew she had broken up. But did they have any useful advice? No. And she didn’t blame them.

She had fucked up her life. She had chosen to place her trust in someone.

Now that trust was broken.

Could she ever trust another man again? She didn’t know. All she knew was she had to find a way to forget Jacob. To remove him from her life. To remove his every presence. To forget the memories she had of them when they were together.

And as life always has a way of surprising us mortals, it surprised Kiara in more ways than one. She successfully got admitted to universities in the U.S. and a brand-new life was awaiting her. An opportunity of a lifetime.

She could move away and forget everything back home in a minute. That’s exactly what she did. With no time to mope over her sad, miserable single status at 24, Kiara moved to the U.S.

That’s the first time Kiara realized life is fucking awesome.

It’s magical. It teaches you so much about yourself. You learn from your mistakes. You learn about dealing with pain. You eventually realize that time heals everything. You learn to be patient; to wait for the moment when everything will be beautiful once again; to be optimistic and hopeful; to be happy.

Now at 28, Kiara was single and happy. Everything was perfect. She had a great new job. New friends. A new life to look forward to in her old city.

It was the same old Bombay, and yet it wasn’t.

Not with Z in it.

Z and Kiara — born 11 months apart — meet as two strangers who had no clue about the other’s existence until now.

Z raised in Dubai and Kiara a true-blue Bombay girl. Z knows how to make Kiara happy. Z knows how much Kiara has been through, how much she has lost. He accepts Kiara for who she is. He isn’t afraid to take a chance on their relationship. He is willing to reach the pinnacle of love and fall down. He is willing to take a risk with her. He realizes he’ll have to gain Kiara’s trust — slowly and gradually. And that isn’t going to be easy. But he isn’t going to give up.

They are as different as two strangers can be and yet they share more in common than they realize. They’re both mature for their age, down-to-earth, funny, caring and warm. Z with his infectious smile, his warmth-inducing hugs and kisses lifts Kiara’s heart to the echelons of joy.

Kiara on the other hand makes Z want to survive the best and worst of Bombay. With Kiara, Z feels complete in every way. Z’s happiness is now Kiara’s happiness.

Will Z and Kiara’s story have a happy ending? Only time will tell.