Where are we heading?

The human mind is a complex system. No one can actually comprehend what the other one is thinking. The level and thoughts of each mind are different. It is said that we use only a tiny fraction of our brain; the rest is unused. This unknown being has always been inquisitive. It does not rest until it finds out all the answers. When this little fraction is able to do wonders what would happen if whole of it was involved?

In today’s era, technological and scientific advancements are served in the everyday meal. And clearly, we are highly dependent on all this. A few years ago all this might have sounded quite surprising but today, it has become a routine. It has changed our perspective towards everything. We can never think like our ancestors ever again.

In small levels, we really seem to reach somewhere. We have better communication facilities, better agricultural equipment, and better transport. In other words, things seem to be improving. But when I comprehend all of this as a whole and imagine us after twenty years, it doesn’t seem very pleasing.

A coin can never have just one side. It’s impossible. We have undoubtedly taken steps towards growth and ease, producing items that help us in our everyday tasks but with this destruction is being manufactured simultaneously.

Yes, it does sound scary.

Terrorism has risen to such great heights. Even after numerous medical advancements number of sick people is increasing day by day. Because of extreme levels of social networking, people are finding it difficult to socialize with other homo sapiens in reality. Peace has flown to a distant land.

Life is becoming easier physically, but mentally the load is only expanding. We are running a great distance that does not have an end.

Does anyone know where are we heading?

No one does. All we want is, to make life better and easier but it is all goalless when thought of as a whole because in the end all of us will cease to live and the way gradually the cons are overpowering the pros, the future does not sound very promising for the future generations as well.

In the end, these are just thoughts. Even though the coin has two sides, there will always remain a 50% probability as of which side will be on the upper side after a toss. Maybe someday the human mind might become simpler to understand. Maybe the pros again start overpowering the cons and eradicate them too. Then these thoughts will again change and life will really become simpler, physically as well as mentally.

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