Text vs. World Trumps
Hossein Derakhshan

I’m not sure if an assertion saying that we need “more text than video” is the solution. You seem to be oversimplifying a whole genre of communication and dismissing it. Text has had time to evolve, and it still does to a large extent. Once upon a time the very ideas you have expressed would have taken many more words — you’re being forced to become more efficient with your words all the time. Videos and photographs will evolve too. They’re starting to, already.

You mention that the Internet is more of an entertaining tool than an information one, and I don’t think that can be denied. My question is why can’t entertainment be information too? That strange unease to read more than 140 characters has less to do with impatience and more to do with interest — 140 characters force you to get to the point, express yourself neatly, not take the attention of someone else for granted.

I’m going to argue that it is not that “the ability to communicate through alphabet is now slowly becoming a privilege dedicated to a small elite in many societies”. But now everyone is using text, even if it is just for a tweet — people are using better words, or trying to — because the Internet is unforgiving with miscommunication and misunderstanding. Text is evolving, just like everything else (even while it is supported and augmented by other kinds of media), and it is unfair and unrealisitc to believe otherwise.