The Big Hack for Novelists.

This is the most important post of all. One life hack. Just one. Prepare yourself those of you on the course. Because this works. It’s a complete game changer. Without doing this you may write a book. By doing this, you will. I hope you’re ready for it.

‘Sometimes yeah you gotta cut a little piece of yourself off in order to grow yeah in order to move on…’

Charles Bronson (‘Britain’s most notorious prison inmate) in conversation with Tom Hardy.

This is no small change. This is a major hack. You’re not going to like this (at first) then you’re going to love this, I promise, after ten days. Just ten days and you will be a much happier person than you are today. It gives you a fighting chance, not just of writing a novel in 90 days, but of claiming your entire life potential.

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