Musings on watching a pair of house sparrows make their home in my balcony.

During days when I was desperately voiceless, I watched these two persistent little mo-fos persevere all the way to (many rounds of) procreation in my balcony. While I, lost in my own universe, contemplated life, meaning, belonging and family, these two pertly helped themselves to a chunk of (what I thought was) my space and made it their own little world.

Between the champa tree and the broken ceiling light, they made themselves home.

On the afternoons they hopped leaf to leaf purposefully, tending to and defending their nest, or chirping the house down while bringing morsels for their brood, their feisty ruckus was like the Universe snapping its fingers impatiently at me:

Get up and get a move on, you unnecessarily complicated human. You, with that beautiful mind you fill with noise, worry and dust. There is work to be done and life to be lived yet.

The Universe is yours. Take it already.