Has niceness become a façade ?

Ever met a person who seems so nice in the beginning and then the pallette of colours put as a pack starts peeling?

And then you realise that — Was that niceness — a big facade, right in your face?

Everyone comes to a point in life where you just want people to be nice to you. Nothing more. Nothing more than just behave nicely and give a smile and move on. No expectations from them to help you in future or lend a hand when in need.

When I say that they should try to be nice to you, I probably just mean being ‘considerate’ of you. That’s it.

Everyone has a reason to be the way they are. And once, you realise that there is a deeper reason of a person’s reactions and personality, that’s when something changes in you. Its a two way cycle.

If only both realise that they are not the only one with problems and behave like they need a break. There are others who, deep in them are fighting some battle of their’s. And that’s when you become considerate. To others and more to yourself.

That’s when you learn how to cut people real slack, how to be less judgmental, how to be nice and that’s how you feel positive.

Less judgment and more consideration. Less criticism and more positives.

Being a pessimist — it took me quite a while to become considerate of others. And try hard to be considerate and cut people slack than being too judgmental and disparaging all the time.

I do not wish to believe that niceness is a facade. But everywhere I look, that’s what I see. People pretending to be nice but not really fitting themselves in the pretense. And then, one fine day - the clothes tear themselves, the make up pack peels off and and the eyes talk about the fading facade.

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