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Health checks interface

Health Checks are a means of seeing how a system is running at the time of performing the check. Let’s see how we can apply them to Orleans!

Health Checks are generally exposed via HTTP endpoints, and when hit (often at a “/hc” or “/health” endpoint) they are able to report of the “health” of the current system.

The health checks, at least in .net land, are comprised of an enum HealthStatus which indicates Health, Degraded, or Unhealthy. The health checks themselves are created by implementing concretions of the IHealthCheck interface.

Any system can include one or more health checks, and what “a health check” means is completely up to you as the implementer. You could as an example have 1 health check that…

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My notes about trying to get started with React.

I’m mostly a backend-dev. The bit of front-end dev I’ve done was on web-forms with Getting started in this whole ecosystem seems pretty daunting coming from a background where I have access to strongly typed, easily testable code.

This is probably rehashing things I’ve stated before, but with front end I feel like it’s more of an “opinion” on if something is implemented in an “good” way.

Anyway, I’m trying to mess about with React. I want to hopefully at some point, replace the mostly placeholder site I have at, …

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Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

In the last post we started talking about mTLS. In the post I pointed out that the client cert’s signing CA was not verified, let’s fix that!

The problem

The main thing accomplished in the previous post was getting a CA up and running with a client certificate signed by that CA. We updated our web api to require client certificates, and successfully connected to the application using our new client certificate.

The flaw in the previous post was though we were validating a client certificate was present, we weren’t actually validating that the client certificate was signed by the CA we created. If the client certificate were valid for some other reason (like if it were signed by another trusted root CA on the system, like an actual internet CA) it would still “get in”. …


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