Library In Your Hand

In the present, people have more opportunities to be a person who can create content by their own. Blogger, net idol and podcast might be the words that we are familiar with and some of our acquaintance are the part of that group. Web 2.0 is the space that allow many blogger freely generate their own style of content to attract and followed by the others. The definition of web 2.0 from Oxford dictionaries, “ The second stage of development of the Internet, characterized especially by the change from static web pages to dynamic or user-generated content and the growth of social media”. Two ways communication is the normal thing that take place through this space. In Thailand there has many website that categorize in 2.0 website. For example, Pantip, Kapook and Yahoo. The famous one is Pantip, the website that freely to set the topic and description to tell or ask other people come to joy, read, share or even exchange the idea in the topic that they are interested.

I think it’s a good space for exchange an information from the people who had some experience before. This is my experience from using Pantip, from the last month I had a plan to buy a new camera but I never have an experience before like what spec should I buy, how to choose the best one for our job. When ever people think about DSLR — Cannon and Nikon are the first option that come to our mind. Then I surfed an internet to get more an information but my feeling feel not enough knowledge to make me confident so I decided to posted the blog in Pantip website to ask other people.

It helped me a lot because many people who has experience about camera they reacted and shared information to me also gave more the suggestion. This might be the social group that Postmodern defined about people will gather as a group with their common interest. I think the information in online network in the present day seem as a library in your hand. we can search to find the knowledge or info within a minute by using your keywords but the important thing is about reliability of your source so you should find the same info topic with many source to analyze and get that information with less bias. Since the online network freely to generate information by our self it could be added the author bias within. From the previous blog I mentioned some of nonsensical in YouTube channel. This time I will introduce some channel that might benefit to you. As I mentioned that I surf an internet to feel more confident before I bought new camera “2how” this channel has subscriber more than 180,000 people. They reviewed camera from beginner type to pro level and also guide many techniques for photography as well as program to adjust or edit photo such as Light-room, Photoshop. I also interested in video editing and I found the other good channel, Thaiphotos, this channel has not much follower however this channel teach how edit video with simple language and variety of program such as Adobe Premiere pro, Davinci Resolve. Moreover, they have tips for making video or how to setup small studio by your own.


Moreover, sometime I use internet for studying, in the past when we wanted to study an extra institution we went to that institution and studied in the room that they provided. Since internet and social media open freely, many academic institution also extend their market by use social media to be the channel for broadcast their curriculum as well as online learning as an another option. Khan Academy is quite interesting international institution, basically, weather offline and online institution student usually have fee payment meanwhile Khan Academy is not. they are a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with a goal of creating an accessible place for people to be educated. The organization produces short lectures in the form of YouTube videos. They cover 6 area of knowledge field which is Math primary to collage lesson, Science & Engineering, Test prep, Computing, Art & humanities and Economics & finance. As you can see that there has many kind of knowledge that you have ability to discover it by your hand on the internet. It depends on your interested field. But Every single source you met do not remember to check an author and credibility. At last, I hope you guy discover something new which your passion, you have power on your hand just start it.

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