Episode 2: From Tech Individuals to Tech Community

A few weeks back I wrote about my first interactions with tech and the imposter syndrome that came with it. Today I feel less like an imposter and more a part of a community.

Forget and Use

In a room full of gifted and talented people, such as the class that I am learning with now, it could be easy to get lost and forget about how gifted and talented YOU are. We have all been there where everyone seems better than you. Trust me, even the ones you think are the best or so talented, they feel lost sometimes. Hard to believe? Well believe it; we all aren’t perfect, but we all can learn from each other’s strengths.

Let me remind you, as a wise person reminds me everyday, “You are AMAZING.” Don’t feel threatened. Instead, let’s take a second to write down all the great things that make you GREAT! For me:

  1. communication
  2. being friendly
  3. being welcoming
  4. its not being shy
  5. being determined

Excellent! But you aren’t done yet. The important thing here is to use these talents and see how we can influence others. How we can better our community. For days I felt lost, discouraged because I wasn’t getting the material, because x was better than me , or because x got it faster. Then I remembered what I could bring to this community. FORGET about what you aren’t good at and USE what you are good at.

Building Community

Lets explain what this means because it’s a word (community) that many believe to just be a place where they reside. A community is simply where you and others co-exist. It could be where you live, but it could also be where you work, it could be where you read, or where you study. A community can come together due to a common goal, or with its members having similar interests, or it can just happen. Regardless, when you are a part of a community you as an individual play a big part in how this community is perceived and how it functions.

Now in my community, I realized what I was good at, and instead of just using it for myself I vowed to help others who may not be like me. This is just as important as giving yourself confidence. Give what you know to others to make a community work.

What’s the point of being so cut throat and getting ahead if down the line you will make enemies or have people only interact with you because they have to and not because they want to? Take a second to really digest this.

So, if your strong suit is the technical aspect of things, great! Take time to answer questions, make yourself available, and be kind to others. If you are someone who is great at making people smile, make them smile! We all have bad days, we are all human. We want to feel good when we feel bad. If you like board games, bring them in; introduce something new to your community. Share what you know and work together!

Learn FROM Within

Teamwork makes a dream work. Thats so corny, but man does it make sense.

Now that you are offering something to your community the last step is to learn from others. You can believe you are the best at something but why shut yourself out from the other great minds in your group?

Think about it: How did you get so smart? I’m pretty sure you learned from a book, which was written by someone else, or you may have heard your father’s wise words, or even in school from a teacher. Regardless you learned from others and what others have learned from OTHERS. What better way to learn than from the community you are currently in.

I learned how to play many games, which helps me recharge after hours of coding. I learned games like coup, cambio, resistance; while still exercising my competitive side and using strategic thinking. I learned Object Orientation not from my instructor, but after the fifth time of hearing it from a classmate because he just explained it in a way I could relate. I learned about the different sites that exist that can boost your tech algo skills. I learned how to say hello in Korean. I learned how to build a terminal game. Hell I learned about Fruit Water and how good it tastes! I allow myself to grow and learn. Many times if you think you already are the best you will shut the part of learning from others off.

Dont! …

I offer what 1 person can offer, since i’m just one person, but I learn from what 17 people have to offer.

Last week I went to a meetup with friends, got pizza after hours with friends, and this weekend I contacted a few of them with questions and they all responded. We are a tech family, whether some of them realize it or not.

I love the class I am working with everyday.

I wake up super early to be with the class I love to work with everyday.

I stay late to work with the class I love to work with everyday.

We have become a tech family.