Question: AX Feedback hub

Recently I was listening to Windows Central podcast with Dona Sarkar(Head of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft), and besides answering questions about recent builds for PC and Mobile, she talked a lot about the impact that Insider program caused to Windows development team. She also mentioned that more and more divisions at Microsoft are planning to implement Insider program for their products and as we have seen from recent Build 2017 conference, Windows Server is now a part of Windows Insider program to.

To be honest with you, I never was a fan of Insider Program. I do think that product should be shipped only when it is ready to be shipped, and early participants and fans should not be treated as a free testers. but I never thought of Insiders Program as a source of new features/improvements for product.

Windows Feedback Hub application

So that made me wonder, wouldn’t it be cool, to have a similar functionality in AX? Sure, there is already “Ideas” button on the top right corner that leads to

But it is used to send feedback directly to Microsoft and sometimes it might be more beneficial for an end user to send his feedback directly to ISV team instead. If done properly, this new “Feedback add-in” could be even integrated with Visual Studio Team Services via Microsoft Flow service.

So, what do you think? Would you like to have that feature in AX, or it is an overkill and all new features should be suggested solely by design/architect team?