Spread the charm of beautiful eyes!!

Finally, it’s your wedding day and you are planning to look awesome!! Can a bride be ready by own? Not possible. She needs a professional makeup artist. There is no ideal way to claim perfection; it is on the mind of makeup artist and the hands which play with the brushes. In fact, a makeup artist is new to that client. She just meets her, see her and guess what to do to make her princess. Mesmerizing the face features is not so easy; it’s an art that a makeup artist may carry. Makeup artist may be a male or a female, gender not matters. Like, a painter draws a canvas with the right colors, a makeup artist shades a beauty with the right utensils and colors.

Whether you are looking for a traditional feature or for the celebrity style makeup, you just need to spell out and the rest of the work will be taken care by the makeup artist. Of course, you are getting ready for your own but your groom would also like to see his princess in adorable look. So spread charm through beautiful eyes filled with smiles and pride.

Experienced makeup artist will use the right products and right color to beautify the eyes. If eyes are beautiful, it will highlight the features of the face. A combination of eye (cake or waxy) liner, eyelashes, mascara, eye shadows, shimmer will offer lovable look to the bride. Do remember, if the outfit is heavy, you will have to wear the heavy makeup matching to the outfit. Likewise, eye makeup entirely depends on the eye features. Small eyes may need extra makeup to get highlighted. Do not experiment by own, let’s have a trial with the makeup artist and book the favorite one to make your best day more special.